Hair Extensions—Are They Worth Wearing?

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions—Are They Worth Wearing?

For most women, growing hair is a serious business. They’d go to great lengths to make sure their hair has just the right length for the new hairstyle and outfit they are dying to try. While there’s a growing appreciation of short hair among some long hair aficionados, thanks to Captain Marvels new haircut (not guilty of spoiling—it’s in the posters), nothing’s quite like the classiness of thick, long hair, tousled or straight, that extends below the shoulders.

Unfortunately, growing hair can be as lengthy a process as your desired hair itself, generating no more than a few centimetres per year. You need all the patience you can muster to make the long wait pay off. Or, there’s another option you can try—hair extensions. These are human or synthetic hair clipped, taped, weaved, bonded or fused on a person’s natural hair to create the illusion of having a long one. You’ve probably heard of this before but you are reluctant to try it for a number of reasons, of which the fear of being judged is the absolute stopper.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Back in the day, wearing hair extensions was viewed as a form of deceit just like any other prosthesis used for cosmetic enhancement. Today, as the society becomes more and more unprejudiced and welcoming of new ideas, faking it to make it is no longer a big deal. In fact, hair extensions are all the rage even in the entertainment industry. Top celebrities, such as Rebecca Judd and Sophie Monk, are seen wearing them in between guesting. Hair extensions come in handy in a lot of films where long-haired chaps are present as well. Still not convinced? Here are some of benefits of hair extensions you might want to know.

  • Trying Out a New Hair Colour. A touch of red or gold can elevate the splendour of hair, but if it’s your first time trying hair colouring, applying the dye directly on your natural hair can be too risky. By using hair extensions, you can confidently experiment with different colours, and if you don’t want them anymore or you want to try something else, you can simply replace the used hair extensions with fresh ones.
  • Regretting Your New Haircut. Women can be impulsive sometimes. Especially when there’s a new hairstyle we want to try, you’ll find us in the salon even before you finish telling us the good news. Unfortunately, decisions made out of impulse usually lead to regret, and deciding to cut your hair is no exception. One minute you are desperate to have short hair and the next minute you want it long again. In case you regret your decision, you can always opt to use hair extensions until your natural hair grows back.
  • Want Thicker Hair. Hair extensions offer not just additional length to your hair, but extra volume as well. Those who find their hair too thin as well as those who are suffering from hair loss may consider using hair extensions to improve their hair’s bulk. Bigger hair allows them to try different hairstyles without worrying whether or not there are enough strands to twist or knot.
  • Natural-Looking Hair Accessories. If you’re not a fan of pins and bands but want to accessorise your hair, extensions may come in handy. You can interweave them and strap them above your hair to make it look like a natural head band. It works pretty well with both casual and formal attire.

Human vs Synthetic

When you go to a salon or to a cosmetic store to find hair extensions, you’ll come across two different types—human and synthetic. Human hair extensions are made of real human hair collected from one or several donors. Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, consist of man-made fibres. Although both could make a great coiffure, real human hair extensions are still the better option, because they look and feel like real hair, and that’s what wearing hair extensions is all about. So the next time you plan on getting hair extensions, go to a salon that specialises in human hair extensions, such as Esteem Hair Beauty Spa.

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