Best Ingredients For Natural Skin Care Regime


Best Ingredients For Natural Skin Care Regime

Not all of us are a fan of the chemical-laden beauty products, and most of us are on a constant lookout for natural products for our daily skincare regime. And if you’re one of those, this article’s is just right for you. We’ve come up with a list of ingredients which are not only easily found right there in your kitchen but also work wonders for your skin. Here’s the list – read on!

1. Coconut oil

The best you could ever pamper your skin with! Coconut oil has miraculous properties which not only make your skin glow but also get rid of all those unwanted blemishes, marks and scars left behind by acne. You can even use the oil to remove makeup – coconut oil helps you get rid of the makeup pretty quick. Also, a daily massage on your skin with a little bit of coconut oil can keep your skin smooth and free from any bacterial invasions.

Raw Honey

2. Raw Honey

An ingredient which just lies around casually in our kitchens, raw honey is another skin care ingredient which you must include in your skin care regime. For soft, supple skin, use honey in the face packs you apply on your face. Honey not only clears the pores, but it also helps you get rid of stubborn blackheads too. For the glowing skin, you always desired, using a teaspoon of honey on your skin with complementing ingredients will be just perfect.

3. Aloe Vera

Looking for a cure for those acne marks, sunburns, rashes and inflamed skin? Here’s an all in one solution for your skin ailments. If possible, try and use fresh aloe pulp directly on your skin. However, if fresh aloe isn’t available, you can get an aloe vera based gel off the counter and use it on your skin every night before you sleep and wake up to soft, glowing skin! Aloe vera gel has been used since ages as an integral part of beauty regimes – it’s time you take up to it too!


4. Tea Tree Oil

You need to head to the store right away to get this in hand – a wonderful oil, which works just right to maintain the oil balance in your skin – isn’t that what you need? The tea tree oil is pretty much a solution to all your skin woes – right from acne to inflammation to marks and blemishes! Apply a little bit of it daily, and you’ll know how magical this oil is!

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