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  • We all look out for ways and means to bring that fresh and dewy look on our skin. And we always end up going for the complicated products and procedures rather than peeking into our very own kitchens! Well, I'm talking about ice cubes here – a simple, chemical-free solution to many of your skin ailments – read on to know about this magical beauty secret which is slowly catching up with the rest of the world:  

    Soothes the skin

    Running an ice cube over your skin for a few minutes will help you beat everything that summer does to ruin your skin. So whether it's sunburn due to the sun's blaze or rashes due to the sweaty summers, you have one easy solution to your worries – a natural ice cube therapy. Ice immediately cools down the skin and relaxes any kind of irritation caused due to the summer heat. Shrinks acne

    Shrinks acne

    Summer's a time when those unwanted pimples make an unwelcomed appearance on your skin – how to tackle this issue? Well, all you got to do is hold an ice cube over the affected area and watch the swelling of the pimple or boil disappear in no time! A magic solution to get rid of those nasty, painful boils!  

    Clears skin

    Moving a cube of ice over your skin for a couple of minutes will clear the skin and close the pores, retaining the freshness of your skin. Since the pores are closed, there is no chance for dirt particles or sweat to clog them, thus keeping your skin free from any breakouts. Clear skin

    Reduces blemishes and marks

    No longer do you need multiple products to conceal those marks on your skin. Daily application of ice cubes over your skin for a couple of minutes will show you tremendous results within a couple of weeks! Try it out and watch your blemishes disappear!  

    Makeup base

    If you're on a lookout for a perfect makeup base, well, you've found one right here! Apply ice on your skin before layering it up with makeup and watch how well your make up stays intact. You'll even get the dewy look you desire, and the ice will give you a dewy look you desire! What are you waiting for? Try out this newest trend and watch how wonderfully your skin looks!

  • Not all of us are a fan of the chemical-laden beauty products, and most of us are on a constant lookout for natural products for our daily skincare regime. And if you're one of those, this article’s is just right for you. We've come up with a list of ingredients which are not only easily found right there in your kitchen but also work wonders for your skin. Here's the list – read on!

    1. Coconut oil

    The best you could ever pamper your skin with! Coconut oil has miraculous properties which not only make your skin glow but also get rid of all those unwanted blemishes, marks and scars left behind by acne. You can even use the oil to remove makeup – coconut oil helps you get rid of the makeup pretty quick. Also, a daily massage on your skin with a little bit of coconut oil can keep your skin smooth and free from any bacterial invasions. Raw Honey

    2. Raw Honey

    An ingredient which just lies around casually in our kitchens, raw honey is another skin care ingredient which you must include in your skin care regime. For soft, supple skin, use honey in the face packs you apply on your face. Honey not only clears the pores, but it also helps you get rid of stubborn blackheads too. For the glowing skin, you always desired, using a teaspoon of honey on your skin with complementing ingredients will be just perfect.

    3. Aloe Vera

    Looking for a cure for those acne marks, sunburns, rashes and inflamed skin? Here's an all in one solution for your skin ailments. If possible, try and use fresh aloe pulp directly on your skin. However, if fresh aloe isn't available, you can get an aloe vera based gel off the counter and use it on your skin every night before you sleep and wake up to soft, glowing skin! Aloe vera gel has been used since ages as an integral part of beauty regimes – it's time you take up to it too!

    4. Tea Tree Oil

    You need to head to the store right away to get this in hand – a wonderful oil, which works just right to maintain the oil balance in your skin – isn't that what you need? The tea tree oil is pretty much a solution to all your skin woes – right from acne to inflammation to marks and blemishes! Apply a little bit of it daily, and you'll know how magical this oil is!

  • For most women, growing hair is a serious business. They’d go to great lengths to make sure their hair has just the right length for the new hairstyle and outfit they are dying to try. While there’s a growing appreciation of short hair among some...

  • A lot of people attribute exercise to health. And when you actually delve into the scientific aspect of it, it has been noted that exercise does impact the health of an individual. Amongst these benefits, exercising daily has a significant effect on skin – the daily dose of exercise will ensure you have a glowing and healthy skin – wondering how? Here are the reasons Sweat

    1. Sweat throws out all the toxins

    The pores in your skin are home to a lot of hidden pollutants and toxins. While extensive beauty treatments are required to get these particles out, you can opt for the simpler way – exercise. A quick run that leaves you sweating is enough for the pores of your skin to open up and throw out all unwanted toxins and breakout-causing agents from it. So yes, a 15-minute run (or a run until you sweat) works pretty well when it comes to the health of your skin.

    2. Improves circulation

    Sitting stagnant all day long in your workplace isn't going to promote blood circulation – a dedicated half an hour for exercise in the morning is good enough for your body to get its stimulant for active circulation. Circulation of blood ensures your skin remains nice and fresh. You will also begin to see a decline in the number of breakouts and marks on your skin with this improved circulation in your body.

    3. Tones your skin

    Exercise doesn't specifically tone your skin – it tones your entire body. Regular exercising will ensure you have toned muscles and this applies to all parts of the body. A toned body is definitely which makes you look great on an overall basis.

    4. Stress buster

    Stress is one of the significant cause of most skin ailments. Exercising daily can work as an excellent stress buster for you. Generation of happy hormones ensures that your skin doesn't bear the brunt excess stress, which is pretty common in our generation. Hormonal balance

    5. Hormonal balance

    Quite a lot of ailments are caused due to fluctuating hormones. And the effect of these is can be observed in the skin. Exercise helps to maintain hormonal balance thus ensuring that it this doesn't happen to be a cause to ruin your skin with those unwanted breakouts. Here's why they keep telling you to exercise daily! It not only has benefits for your skin but also works wonders on your overall health too!

  • We love summer – the weather's just so warm and bright, and it's all beautiful and chirpy around. But the summer we love so much isn't necessarily kind to our skin, right? That's probably the only reason why anyone would hate summer! But the best part of it all is that if you take care of your skin well even during summer, you're sure to beat the heat and cruise through the summer without any skin complaints! So here's a list of summer skincare essentials which you can adopt to beat the summer skincare blues Hydrate yourself

    1. Hydrate yourself

    Not necessarily with water – you can keep yourself hydrated with the summer fruits – such as watermelons, muskmelons and other fruits with high water content. Also, you could consume a lot of fruit juices (just don't add extra sugar to it) and you're good to go. Not only will you and your skin stay hydrated throughout the day, but the fruit sugars will also keep your energy levels high too!

    2. Exfoliate your skin

    The sweat and heat around is sure to clog your skin pores and take a toll on your skin. Instead, make it a routine to gently exfoliate your skin a couple of times in the week and then moisturise it with a light, summer-friendly moisturizer. Exfoliating your skin will ensure your pores are clean, thus reducing chances of any unwanted breakouts. Exfoliate your skin

    3. Reduce makeup application

    Summer is specifically the season when you need to allow your skin to breathe – and cutting down on makeup will help you do that. Layering your skin with lots of makeup will only lead to clogged pores because of the sweaty summers. Try to look out for summer-friendly makeup products which are light on your skin.

    4. Sunscreen is a must

    You need to apply sunscreen after you're done with your skin care. Whether you step out of the home or not, dabbing on a little bit of sunscreen is essential even otherwise. So yes, find a light, non-oily sunscreen to help you keep away the harmful rays of the sun from your delicate skin. Cool ingredients

    5. Use the cool ingredients

    In summer you have to beat the heat – and what's better than using the cool ingredients to do so? Bring in the cucumbers, aloe vera gel, leftover fruit juices, ice and other such natural ingredients which are not only cool but will also ensure you have a perfect skin through the summer.

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