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Welcome to The Soft Face Place!

This site is devoted to the creations of Xavier Roberts, the man who "discovered" The Little People and Cabbage Patch Kids. Whatever your passion, be it Soft Sculpture babies, Mass Market CPKs or TRU kids, please share it with us! We welcome any information, photos, thoughts, or ideas that you would like to share with the club membership.

We invite you to upload photos to the Gallery and post your thoughts in the Forum. Please note that each section requires separate registration, so please use the same User ID and Password if possible, to minimize confusion and log-in errors.

Everything we do here is geared towards enhancing the collecting experience for all of us, so that we come away from collecting with much more than just our 'Kids, those little harbingers of debt. (LOL!)

Please feel free to email any of the moderators with comments or suggestions....